Road to Recovery: What Started it All

Dear Readers,

I want to explain why I have not blogged since February. Unfortunately, for the past month (approximately), I have been hospitalized. Why? Well, it is a long and slightly unbelievable story. If you are interested in hearing the story, keep reading…

Mid March, I woke up with abdominal pain that resulted in me heading to the ER located about 15 miles from my town. *Back story: I have been to this hospital in the past and was not pleased with the “service” (for lack of a better word) that was provided.* I was hesitant to go to this hospital again, but knew if something was wrong, it needed to be handled as soon as possible.

Once I arrived, the regular ER process began. About 4 hours later, I finally was diagnosed with appendicitis. Although the typical signs of appendicitis were not apparent, the CAT scan showed swelling around my appendix, which was enough for the surgeon to operate. The surgeon decided to do a laparoscopic surgery, quite common these days. Usually, the procedure is relatively short and is considered to be a routine surgery.

I went in to the operating room around 1 a.m. and that is the last thing I remember until I woke up in an entirely different hospital all the way in Baltimore. According to my family, doctors from Baltimore, and other professionals, there were complications during the appendectomy. During the first procedure (the appendectomy), the surgeon nicked my aorta which caused many unforeseen complications. I lost a very large volume of blood and was without a pulse for two minutes. In response, the aorta was sutured and I received a large blood transfusion.

Unfortunately, just hours after being sent to recover, it was learned by my medical team that circulation was cut off from my right leg and the foot and leg muscles were in danger. I was then transported to Shock Trauma in Baltimore where I endured ten more hours of emergency repair surgery which included a bypass from my aorta and the removal of numerous blood clots from my leg, as well as, a double fasciotomy of the calf. After circulation was regained in the leg, I was finally sent to the surgical intensive care unit.

It is safe to say that I was terrified when I woke up in Baltimore a day or so after my original surgery took place. Since then, I have completed an intensive physical therapy program in Baltimore and was discharged to go home late last week. I currently have an in-home nurse and physical therapist to assist me until my wound can be closed (we think this may be in about two months).

I am so thankful to be alive and on the road to recovery. This experience has inspired me to create a new segment on my blog entitled, Road to Recovery. I know that seems cliche, but at this point, I love cliche and feel it will help me during this long road ahead.

My family and friends have been my support system through all of this and I cannot thank them enough. Many of them have encouraged me to use some of my time to journal/blog about my progress. I finally have decided to do this. However, with my medication and intense physical therapy, I sleep a lot. My goal is to blog at least once a week, but I make no promises!

I have a large list of topics and notes that I have taken for upcoming blogs, so brace yourself! Thank you to those who have read this far. I hope you continue to read my blog during the Road to Recovery. I look forward to reading comments from each of you!



I will remain UNBREAKABLE while on the Road to Recovery.

6 thoughts on “Road to Recovery: What Started it All

    1. Thank you so much, Jack. I appreciate your kind words. I plan to work hard to ensure the road to recovery is a short one, too! 😉 I also look forward to writing about it all!

    1. Hi Girlie! Thank you so much! I read some of your awesome articles when in the hospital and was SO thrilled for you. It really made me smile while I was in there to see you on some of my favorite websites. Love you!

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