Road to Recovery: Life. Luck. Love.

A symbol, by definition, is “a thing that represents or stands for something else, especially a material object representing something abstract.” For me, that “thing” is jewelry. I have three pieces of jewelry that symbolize life, luck, and love.

Last weekend, my beautiful and loving cousin, Melissa, presented me with the most thoughtful gift. Before I opened the box, she prefaced by saying that if I was uncomfortable with the gift, she would not be offended and we could take it back. Naturally, I was very curious and quickly opened the box (much like a child opens the first present on Christmas Day). As I open the box, I saw a necklace with a pendant that had roman numerals engraved on it: III XX MMXV. The card explained that the date was the day of my original surgery (the… not so successful appendectomy), March 20, 2015. You may wonder, “Why did she put the date of the surgery that caused you so much pain, change, and unhappiness?” Melissa explained it perfectly in her card. This necklace is to be worn as a “badge of honor” because this was the day my life changed.

The necklace symbolizes life. On March 20, 2015, I was born again. It was the day my life changed in both an unfortunate and incredible way. I say incredible because I have, and will continue to, learn so much from this experience. I picture not just my life, but the lives of many that I have the potential to inspire and/or influence. This day is forever engraved in my heart, mind, and around my neck.

After arriving at the rehabilitation center, my boyfriend (David) stopped by for a visit. With him he brought gifts to brighten my day. One of the gifts was from his mother and father, who have treated me like their own daughter since the day I met them. If you haven’t noticed by the name of my blog, you will learn soon that my favorite animal is the elephant. Most, if not all, of the people in my life know this about me. When I opened the box containing the gift from David’s parents, I saw an elephant around a beautiful silver chain. With the elephant was a card that explained what the elephant symbolized: Luck.

I chuckled and said to David, “If only I got this necklace prior to the surgery, I wonder if I would even be here right now!” Together we laughed and he reassured me that it will bring me luck from this point forward. Now, I am not one who believes in luck, per se. However, for the first time ever, I became a believer in the idea of a small elephant pendant bringing me good luck. The point behind this lovely necklace is to bring me some hope and positivity. I am so grateful for this necklace and I plan to wear it forever. Should I try playing the Powerball soon? 😉

During my first year of college, my mom gave me a necklace with small cross pendant. Unfortunately, two years ago, the chain holding the beautiful cross pendant broke. I saved the cross until I found another small chain. Once I saw the elephant necklace this year, I knew that I could combine my cross with the elephant. The two would compliment each other well… and they do!

My mother gave me this cross necklace to remind me of love. I know that typically, a cross symbolizes Christianity/atonement, and for me, it symbolizes that, too. But, I believe that a cross is a symbol of God’s love in sacrificing himself for our sins. 1 John 4:10 reads, “This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” Every time I look down at the cross pendant, I am reminded of the greatest emotion of all… love. So many amazing things can happen with great love. My cross, a symbol of love, will forever remind me that love can be expressed through kindness, generosity, and self-sacrifice.


An amazing way to push through a tough experience, be it health related, an awful break up, or an unexpected death in the family, is to find a “thing” that represents an important aspect to your life. In my case, the jewelry I acquired has allowed me to show off three symbols that inspire me to persevere.

Take a moment to think of a symbol. When you picture that symbol, what does it represent? In what way can you use that symbol to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health? By wearing my symbols around my neck, I am always reminded of life, luck, and love. What are you reminded of when you see your symbol? I’d love to hear about it!



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