Why Life as an Adult Isn’t as Awful as You Think

Lately I have been reminiscing life as a high school student. I spent hours in class or practicing for one of the four sports I was likely playing at the time, and I had sleepovers with my best gal pals. Life was so simple and the time I spent as an adolescent was truly amazing.

high school


Now, as an adult, I have found that life is a bit more complicated. Some would use the term awful, and I would have to agree. Okay, awful is a bit much. But, it really is tough as an adult. I have gained a lot of appreciation for my parents now that I am understanding the trials and tribulations of being over the age of eighteen.

The more I have had time to think about what life is like once you are considered an adult, the more I have understood that adulthood has a pretty bad rep. Adult life is not as awful as we think it is. Why? Well, consider the following:

  1. Money.
    Oh, money. I loathe you. I love you. I need you. The mixed emotions for money is pretty darn confusing. Whether you have a lot of it, need more of it, or are comfortable where you stand with it… Money is on your mind at some point. It sucks, right? The fact that we, as adults, have to be concerned with how flippant we are with our funds is frustrating. But what if I told you that despite the good, the bad, and the ugly that come with money, there is always a silver lining? It’s true. Think about this: When you were ten, how much control did you have over your financial situation? With an exception to some people and their unique situations, it is likely that your guardians were in control financially. As an adult, though, you have the freedom to make decisions about money. You choose if you want to purchase a new home with an extra room you do not need. You choose if you want to save $500 from your paycheck each month. You choose if money will dictate your level of happiness. The choice is yours… not someone else’s. I’ll take that freedom any day of the week.
  2. Speaking of Freedom…
    You are finally free. (Sort of, haha.) If you live on your own, you know what it is like to be “free.” I think back to college when I lived with my roommates in our apartment. We had some rules, but nothing like the rules we followed back at home under the control of our guardians. For example, I had to finish homework before going to see a friend while living under my parent’s roof as a high school student. When in college, I was okay with choosing to finish homework an hour before class if that meant I could make an amazing memory with my friends. The fact that I can do what I want when I want (with some exceptions, obviously) is enough for me to love adulthood.
  3. You Learn A LOT.
    Recently I was speaking with a good friend of mine and we discussed how growing up isn’t so bad after all. Even while in college, we were not completely on our own because our parents assisted us with bills, buying groceries, and other expenses we often forget exist. It wasn’t until after college graduation when she and I realized how on your own you really are. The cool thing is that we are learning how to balance a check book, we are learning how to cook, we are learning how to interact with other “adults” in this world. We are learning a lot. I’ve had to make many calls to the bank, my insurance company, and my employer since graduation. It is an amazing feeling: being independent. My mind has expanded in ways I didn’t know it could because of the “adult” conversations and “adult” decisions I’ve had to make in the past year.
  4. Friendships/Relationships Fizzle Out.
    This may seem like a bad point, but really it isn’t. I am still learning who is worth keeping in my life and who is not. Some people do not understand that growing up is inevitable. Some people do not like the person you are becoming. Some people may not be growing into the person you see yourself with in the future. Simple as that. That does not mean toss those relationships into the garbage. Not all relationships are worth salvaging either, though. As you become an adult, learn more, and understand where you belong in this world, you will see who deserves to be by your side. It is important to understand that your friends are learning this too. If they feel your relationship is not one worth salvaging, you must respect that decision. At times, agreeing to disagree is easier than developing hatred towards someone you once cared for in life. People I was once friends with in high school are no longer prominent in who I have become. I do wish them the best regardless. I am fine with the friendships I have lost and the friendships I have gained since graduating high school.

The thing about life is… Letting go and letting yourself grow into the person you are meant to become is not something to fear. It is something to embrace. Think back to when you were in middle school. The thought of going into high school was scary, right? Look at you, now. On to the next phase of your life! Good Luck!

Credit: Giphy.com
Credit: Giphy.com

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