Happy World Elephant Day & SOTW: Gone by JR JR

First and foremost…. Happy World Elephant Day! Please donate to your favorite elephant loving organization. Here are a few to consider: Save The Elephants, International Elephant Foundation, and Bloody Ivory. Also, be sure to check out Stephanie Verni’s post today featuring gift ideas for elephant lovers, like me!

Now, for the music: It certainly has been a while since I have posted music for my Song of The Week segment of the blog. I have listened to some fantastic music lately, and I am thrilled to bring this segment back!

The song I chose this week is Gone by JR JR. I first heard this band on an Indie Spotify playlist. If you are a fan of One Republic, I think you will really enjoy this band. They have a similar sound. I love One Republic and think JR JR is great too!

Aside from the amazing sound, this song has some incredibly relatable lyrics that I know a few of my followers would enjoy. One line in particular to keep an ear out for that can be connected to yesterday’s blog post about Adulthood is, “I’ve made up my mind over and over. Keep pressing rewind but I’m getting older.”

Let me know what you think of this tune! I have found myself jamming out daily to this song. Comment below with your opinions or recommendations for future songs of the week!

Faithful Elephant

World Elephant Day

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