SOTW: Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey

I fell in love with Lana Del Rey about 3 years ago when her CD Born to Die was released. She truly is a Lana Del Rey of sunshine (get it? LOL). I had to choose one of her songs for my SOTW.

This past winter, I drove a lot between work and visiting friends, so I would pop that CD in as my driving music. One song on the CD spoke to me for some reason: Dark Paradise. This song is slightly depressing actually. If I read the lyrics correctly, it is about a woman who lost her lover (to death?). She finds life to be awful without him/her so it is tough for her to move on and live her life like before. I didn’t lose someone to that extent, but I did find the song to be beautiful.

In the beginning of this song, Lana sings the lyrics, “All my friends tell me I should move on. I’m lying in the ocean singing your song.” After that lyric, she sings what sounds like the song Ariel (The Little Mermaid) sings when she releases her voice to Ursula. If that is what Lana Del Rey was going for, the connection is AWESOME. The link below is of Ariel. Check that part out and let me know if you can hear the connection!

Other than that, I just find the song to be incredibly written, sung beautifully, and it just speaks to anyone who has ever lost someone in their lives. I think of my friends who recently lost a loved one and the song fits their emotions perfectly. Comment below with your thoughts. As always, Thank you to Lana Del Rey for your incredible music!


The Faithful Elephant

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