Destination Wedding Series: The Groom

As I listen to the Ben Rector song, Wildfire, I smile from ear to ear. The beautiful love song describes a man’s love for his woman and how their love caught like wildfire. While listening, I picture all of the amazing things I adore about my sweet fiancé. I decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to tell you each a bit more about my groom!

With our wedding 241 days away, our new apartment almost feeling like home, and our new pup, Koa, learning who to run to when David gets a little angry (me lol), we are understanding what it means to begin a life together.

So, without further adieu, meet David, my husband-to-be in 7 months (WEE)!


David and I met in 5th grade. Yes, I had a crush on him back then and even in middle school. One summer, I called his house and his older brother, Mike, answered the phone. Instead of giving the phone to David, he said David was busy… using the bathroom LOL! Instead of being a mature 12 year old, I decided to laugh at him about it and tell my girl friends.

Once we grew older and became high school students, we made new friends and followed different paths. We were always friends on social media, so I did have an opportunity to see what he was up to, especially while in college. David moved to Hawaii a few years ago to live with his AMAZING sister, Michelle. His love for Hawaii is one of my favorite aspects to him. When he tells stories during his time there or he describes the places he wants to take me… my heart melts. Although I know he would have loved to stay on Oahu, I know how thankful he is for flying back to the mainland and rekindling a friendship with me.

David and his sister, Michelle, in Honolulu, HI.

After an unexpected meet up, I sparked with David like I had never sparked with someone before. I didn’t realize it until after hanging out a few more times, though. He says he knew immediately. He tells me that he told our friends he WILL make me his girlfriend. And that he did.

Our work schedules allowed us to see each other often, hike early on Sunday mornings, and enjoy glasses of wine with our friends late at night.

A photo from our first hike together (post PB&J).

My favorite memory is of our first hike together. David, our friend Josh, and I drove to Great Falls for a long, gorgeous hike in the cold. Things quickly warmed up though because those two didn’t just hike… they sprinted. I kept up (barely). When we reached a beautiful rock overlooking the water, we decided it was time to eat and refuel. I brought nothing because I had no idea it would be that intense of a hike. David looked over at me and says, “I made you a PB&J,” tossed me the sandwich and smiled. That’s when I knew he was the man for me. He won over my heart with his sweet gesture and won over my stomach with my favorite snack.

My favorite thing about David (aside from his beautiful blue eyes and love for me) is his ability to bring out the best in me. After my awful surgery, David never left my side. He couldn’t physically be by my side 24/7, but he was there for me mentally and emotionally. I think back to some of the conversations he and I had about life, if I would ever hike again, and about our future together given the circumstances. I never doubted for a second that David would leave me to suffer. Every single day after work, he sat next to me and we just talked, laughed, and he reassured me that everything would be okay.

One of the evenings David spent by my side.
One of the evenings David spent by my side.

Fast forward to yesterday (Sunday, August 30). I attempted my first hike. It was a long one, and I knew I could handle it for a short period considering how I perform in physical therapy, but I had no clue how long I could last. With each step, David was there telling me I could do it. He held out his hand when he knew I would need some assistance. He gave me a high five when he saw how proud I was for climbing a rock I never would have climbed 3 months ago. He cheered me on when I was ready to give up and crawl my way back to the car. I did the entire hike and was able to make the most beautiful memories with the love of my life.

The too long didn’t read version of all of this is… David is a genuine, intelligent, funny, caring, loving, handsome (inside and out), and inspiring man. I am grateful for our paths crossing once again. This time around, I get to spend the rest of my life with him. I am so excited for the next chapter in our lives. There is no one else I would want to see at the top of the mountain cheering me on. I love you, David.

David, Koa, and me by Chimney Rock, yesterday.

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