SOTW: Shine On by The Kooks

Those of you who have been following my blog for a few years now know how much I adore The Kooks. In Maryland, the rain has been pouring down on us all for several days. After a while, it gets old. I don’t know how Seattle can live this way for so many days out of the year. Power to them!

On rainy days, I turn to chill/mellow music. My indie playlists, amongst some of my other playlists, are top notch for days like today. Given the dreary weather and my lack of motivation, I needed a relaxing song that also gave me a sense of encouragement. When you need that, you need The Kooks. Not just any song by The Kooks, you need Shine On (obviously).

Enjoy the song of the week and remember to Shine On! Happy Hump Day!

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