Holiday Décor

Throughout the week, David and I put up all of our holiday décor! This is our first Christmas living together, so we were VERY excited to share each other’s traditions, while making our own. Most were similar which made it an easy transition for us both.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite décor pieces in our apartment. We learned that the apartment has become incredibly cozy since the addition of the holiday decorations. If only we could keep them year round! No one would judge us… right? Just kidding 😉

Oh, and before I share all of that… Here’s a fun shot of our sweet pup, Koa. ❤ Those puppy lips just bring a smile to my face, lol.


First for our holiday décor, we have our Christmas tree! We are both Christians and celebrate Christmas, so this was simple for us. We bought a real tree (duh) and it is a balsam fir, six feet tall. Red, green, and gold are our main colors for ornaments, however we have one Redskins and one Eagles ornament to represent our respective football teams. As we grow older and eventually have children, our special ornaments will increase in numbers. For now, we decided to buy one, each, a year. It will be our own tradition.


Next, we have David’s nutcracker cohort, as I like to call it. This is David’s collection of nutcrackers. We agreed to buy a new nutcracker each Christmas, as well as an ornament. Mine is the sparkly green and silver nutcracker! 🙂


Now, this may be my favorite décor piece in the apartment right now. David’s mom gave us a mini sleigh and I decided to wrap some of our presents and fill the sleigh with them. David then said it needed something else to bring it all together. We settled on lights on the sides. Such a fun piece, but it really adds holiday spirit to the living room. Plus, it is one of the first things guests are drawn to look at when they enter our place.


What is a holiday season without Santa? This display was another gift from David’s mom. She has great taste, doesn’t she? We added some lights for a little something extra 🙂


There is a lot more in our apartment, but these are just some of my favorites. I hope you all have fun decorating your homes this holiday season. Happy Holidays and enjoy the weekend. Here is a song to get you in the holiday spirit while decorating!

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