12 Days of Christmas – Day One

12 days1

Day one of the 12 Days of Christmas Blogging Challenge is here! The first prompt is to list your favorite things about Christmas. This will be tough for me because there are so many wonderful aspects to Christmas that make me happy. Let’s see if I can narrow it down to… how about five things?

  1. Time spent with family – This is, without a doubt, my favorite part of Christmas/the holiday season. I am most happy when I am surrounded by my large, loud, and loving family. Every single person contributes an attribute to our family festivities. When someone is not able to attend, their absence is noticed. It is our time to celebrate our blessings and the birth of Christ. Since we all care so deeply for each other, it is truly amazing to have us all in one space together celebrating.

    Christmas Vacation
    Photo Credit: Giphy.com
  2. Holiday Decorations – I would assume most people love the holidays for this reason, too. Holiday decorations just warm the home and so easily bring a smile to my face. Aside from the fact that they are aesthetically pleasing, they bring people closer together. David and I had such a wonderful time decorating the apartment, choosing our first Christmas tree, and combining traditions, as well as making new ones.

    Christmas Vacation
    Photo Credit: Giphy.com
  3. Christmas Movies – Duh… how could I EVER leave out Christmas movies? I do not have just one favorite movie, but there are a few I must watch during each holiday season. There is something about the cheesy story lines, the awful acting, and the Christmas spirit that can put an end to any Scrooge or Grinch out there. David and I watched Holiday Kiss last night on Netflix. Every corny line had us laughing and craving more. The point is to make us happy, right? I think they were successful!

    Christmas Vacation
    Photo Credit: Giphy.com
  4. Christmas Music – Again, duh! Christmas music is so beautiful. How can you not love it? There are two types of people in this world: The people who get angry when Christmas music begins during Thanksgiving, and the people who turn up the volume when Christmas music begins during Thanksgiving. Take a wild guess who I am.


  5. Food – I always love food. However, tons of food for two days straight is my kind of holiday! I love to try new, fun, recipes this time of year and I certainly love being the taste tester for my mom when she tries new recipes, too! Every family believes their food is the best on the holidays. But, we all know my family does it best. 😉 (Just kidding, simply having food is what makes everything so great, not how it tastes.)

    Christmas Vacation
    Photo Credit: Giphy.com

Wow, I am up to five already? Well darn… I had at least 40 more “favorite things” to mention. Oh well! I promised you five and here they are. I am looking forward to reading the favorite things about Christmas from other bloggers. Click Here to start this blogging challenge by ScaleSimple! Happy Day One of Christmas!


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