Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Lady Friends

Choosing a gift for a gal pal, girlfriend, niece, daughter, or granddaughter can be tough sometimes. With so many avenues to purchase a gift and with a plethora of options from which to choose… you feel oh so tempted to just give them a gift card and call it a day. As tempting as that may be, put the gift card back and shop with me for a moment.

Below are some of my favorite gifts to buy a lady friend. I tried to give a range of options based off of price. If you would like more options, comment below. I have many more ideas in my head.

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  1. For the makeup lover, I recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. This contour kit is INCREDIBLE!!! It is pigmented, easy to use, has many different shades and the highlighters are just gorgeous. The kit also comes in a cream option for those who prefer cream over powder contouring. I am a powder lover. This kit is quite pricey ($40) if you are trying to remain under $20. I have an alternative, more affordable, option for you to consider as well. The Ulta Contour Kit ($18) has many shades and is also quite pigmented. When low on money, I stick to this kit! I quite like these highlighters, too!

    Lush Bath Bomb
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  2. Next is for the gal that needs to relax. This is a gift I would love every single year, anytime of the year. Nothing says relax like wine and a bath. Why not give both? If this lady is anything like me (and other amazing women on this planet) she won’t care about the cost of the wine you choose. The thought is always what counts. Choose a $5 bottle of wine and grab a bath bomb or two from Lush Cosmetics. The bath bombs from Lush are… INCREDIBLE! The smells, the colors, the fizzy fun, and the feel of your skin afterwards is just lovely. I believe they are about $7 each. Lush does have gift packs though!

    Stephanie Verni
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  3. This next gift is quite simple. Get her a book. If she has a Kindle/Nook, I believe you can buy it and give them a code or something. I have several books I recommend, but I want to recommend two books written by one of my wonderful professors from college, Stephanie Verni. Both of these books are romantic and would make for a perfect present. Check out Baseball Girl and Beneath The Mimosa Tree on Amazon! Also, Stephanie posted a blog about stuffing your stockings with books this season, click here to check it out! 🙂

    DIY Sharpie Mug
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  4. Finally, a fantastic gift idea for your lady friend is a DIY Sharpie Mug. My cousin, Melissa, did this as a party favor for her sister (my younger cousin), Alexis. It was such a sweet gesture that I absolutely LOVE! I think you can really get creative with this and your girls will appreciate the time you spent on it, the thought, and of course… the actual mug to add to their collection! For added fun, fill the mug up with some treats, their favorite drink, or even some lip glosses and mints. Every girl needs a fresh coat of lip gloss, and fresh breath, after a cup of joe.

Giving gifts has to be the most incredible feeling in the world. I tell David all the time that I absolutely love spoiling him with little gifts, simply because the joy I know it brings him. During the holidays, I am in my happiest state of mind. I love when my friends and family smile from ear to ear after opening one of the gifts I either made or purchased them.

Nothing matters more to me than seeing the ones I love happy. Gifts both large and small are such a beautiful way to bring positive light into someone’s life. I hope this short list of gift ideas inspires you this season. Enjoy the holidays!

Christmas Friends

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