12 Days of Christmas – Day Four

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Today’s prompt is to share a Christmas story or write our own. Unfortunately, I am short on time and cannot write one for today. If given the time throughout this month, I will absolutely write something up for you all and share it. For now, though, I am going to share one of my all time favorite Christmas stories with you!

The story I want to share with you all is The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry. If you have not yet read this story, please take a moment to read it because it is beautiful.

Gift of the Magi
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In summary, this short story follows a young married couple (Jim and Della) who have very little money to give each other a gift for Christmas. The couple each, secretly, do what they can to provide a gift for the other. I cannot share the ending, because the ending is what makes it such a beautiful story (in my opinion). I do promise that you will laugh in because I am sure that you have experienced irony in some way, like the couple in this short story do.

Why do I love this story so much? Before I was engaged, this story was one that always reminded me about the joys of gift-giving. As I mentioned in my post from last night, giving gifts is something I love to do. Nothing brings me more happiness in this world than to see the ones I love genuinely smile.

A gift does not have to cost money, nor does it have to be a grand gesture. To me, a gift can be as simple as giving a person your time. It can be as big as buying a boat. I personally prefer spending time with someone I love and making a lasting memory together. A boat or other tangible item is wonderful and thoughtful, but they will never last as long as the feelings and memories created between two (or more) people.

Now that I am engaged, this story holds an even more special place in my heart. What this couple does for each other is so incredibly selfless and loving. It is a reminder to us all that you will do anything to make the person you love, so dearly, happy. As I re-read this story as an almost married woman, I know that David is much like Jim. I think to myself when the story ends, “How lucky am I to be marrying someone so selfless and kind?”

I urge you all to read this story and remember how gift-giving is such a great feeling for the giver and the receiver. Gifts can be large, medium, or small. There are no rules to gift-giving. Happy Holidays.

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Love actually
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