12 Days of Christmas – Day Five

12 Days of Christmas

It is day five of the 12 Days of Christmas Blogging Challenge, and I am having such a great time participating. Today, I will share with you my personal wish list this year for Christmas. How fun!?

As I continue to grow older, my Christmas list shrinks in size. I went from wanting the latest toys at the toy store or the most popular games for a Nintendo to wanting more sleep, bills to be paid, and appliances for our kitchen. Wow how times have changed.

I remain to, and always will, be a child at heart. If you hang out with me for about five minutes, you learn quickly that I love board games, toys, and video games. My imagination was never truly lost, and I absolutely love that. At my age, though, why ask for toys at Christmas when I can bother my baby cousins for theirs? Side Note: If someone were to buy me a stuffed animal or board game, I promise I will enjoy it! Just the other day, David and I played Candy Land about eight times. He won seven out of the eight. Ugh.

This Christmas, my list is very small. I have everything I could ever need. Of course there are things I want, but I can live without them. Either way, I figured someone out there would say that is bogus and that every person wants SOMETHING (*cough* David). FINE, if you all insist. I will cave in and share with you a video that describes a few items I would never return if received during Christmas time. The video is from one of my all time favorite YouTubers, ItsJudysTime. Her video lists great gift ideas for the beauty lover… also known as, ME!!!  🙂 Happy Holidays!

Want to join in on the blogging challenge? Click here for the rules to start this challenge by ScaleSimple! 🙂

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