SOTW: Memories by Petit Biscuit

When you wake up and start the work day, it isn’t exactly the highlight to your week, right? Unless you work for a puppy store or chocolate factory… I think we all would prefer the weekend. To fight those workday blues, I turn to music that keeps my mood and spirits up!

One song I recommend while you are getting ready in the morning, sitting at your desk, or driving into the city is Memories by Petit Biscuit. Before diving into this Song of the Week, let’s learn a little about Petit Biscuit, shall we?

Petit Biscuit is a fairly new musician from France (we all know how much I love my European musicians). I believe he is 16? Maybe he is 17, now. Either way, he is a talented teenager who makes some “sick beats, dude.” When I first began listening to ODESZA, I turned to Spotify to help me find similar artists. This is a great way to discover new music, artists, and really figure out what your taste in music is. I am lucky that my soul desires all sorts of music. Lately, though, I have been loving Petit Biscuit’s chill, clean, sound. It doesn’t typically include many lyrics, so I also find it to be perfect to listen to when I am doing grad school work.

The song Memories, to put it simply, is just a fun, upbeat, and happy beat. It is clear that Petit Biscuit’s mood was jubilant when he created this sound. I want you all to have a HAPPY Tuesday and enjoy this fun beat at any point in your day!

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