Destination Wedding Series: Bridal Showers

I have been so eager to write a post about bridal showers. I absolutely adore bridal showers and think it is a fun time for pre-wedding celebrations. Every guest is excited about the big day, the bride is the center of attention, and she is showered with love one last time before taking a new name. Sounds perfect to me!

We can now talk a little about bridal shower etiquette and tips for brides who love to stay involved (like me)! For the record, I have learned all of my tips from researching on other blogs, personal experience, and testimonies of friends who have been through the process. Every person is entitled to his or her own opinion, I just ask that we all keep an open mind and be willing to at least HEAR the advice. No one says you have to do things according to the book.

  1. Who throws the shower? Typically, either the MOH or the bridesmaids throw the party. For me, my bridesmaids are taking the reigns. Some are more experienced than others and navigating, but every person will be involved in some way. I have been to showers where just the MOH takes care of business and everything was fantastic. The option is up to your leading ladies!bridesmaid
  2. Who pays for what? This one is a sensitive topic. Money is in general, though, so it makes sense. I have always read that the costs are split amongst the hosts of the party. Others are more than welcome to chip in of course, but in most cases, the bridesmaids handle it. Bridesmaids: Make a budget and stick to it!
  3. Who should be invited? I’d leave this up to the bride. Tell her to create a list and share it with the bridesmaid who has chosen to take charge. Are you the bride? Okay, every female guest invited to your wedding is not expected to be invited to the bridal shower. Generally, guests can include close friends and family members. I have approximately 50 guests on my list. However, I do not expect them all to attend. Also, I have a large family! If someone did not receive an invite to the wedding… they should NOT be invited.
  4. When should the party be held? At least two-three months before the big day!
  5. When should we send invitations to the bridal shower? Six-eight weeks before the event. This amount of time allows people ample opportunity to respond and it is late enough for every person to remember the date! Sending invites too soon or too late is a faux pas!te
  6. Should we share the couple’s registry information? Of course! For guests who are capable, having the registry makes it easier so they do not have to search.
  7. Does the bride open gifts at the party? Yes. Be sure to have a gift-opening plan. This can be a lengthy process, so the more prepared the bridesmaids are, the better. Have a person handing out the gifts, another throwing away wrapping, someone taking photos, and a person recording which gift came from which guest. If the bride wants to participate in the ribbon bouquet tradition, have a bridesmaids in charge of creating the bouquet out of the discarded ribbons.
  8. Should the bridal shower have a theme? That is entirely up to the bride and hosts. Ask the bride what type of shower she would like. She may want a brunch, cocktail party, dinner, etc. Remember to plan accordingly, though!

Okay Brides! I only have a few tips for those of you who love to stay involved.

  1. Make a Bridal Shower Pinterest board. This will give your bridesmaids an idea of what decor you like, approved themes, and even tips for your bridesmaids.
  2. Have a guest list prepared for them. They are working hard to honor you with a party, so if you want to be involved, be as helpful as you can!
  3. Not sure how to be helpful other than with the guest list? Ask your maids what you can do! If they say nothing, use the free time to check other items of your wedding to do list. Even better… relax! Your big day is coming up and you should not be stressed!

The bridal shower is a beautiful time to honor the bride and celebrate a joyous occasion. Follow etiquette, pin to your Pinterest board, and have a fabulous time!


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