Kaleidoscopic Ramblings – Teaser

Hello to all my followers, readers, and soon-to-be, LISTENERS! Recently, I decided that I wanted, so badly, to create a podcast. Obviously, when I set my mind to something, I go for it almost immediately if I have the means. Creating a podcast is relatively inexpensive and requires little, to no, equipment (other than a microphone and computer).

This podcast will supplement my blog (Faithful Elephant) and I have decided to title it Kaleidoscopic Ramblings… because that is exactly what it will be. A kaleidoscopic range of topics will be covered on this podcast through interviews with my friends, family, and anyone else who expresses interest in the opportunity.

Enjoy this little teaser on Soundcloud below and if you are interested in being featured on Kaleidoscopic Ramblings, let me know! I am very excited to launch this new project. Thank you to all of you who have supported me so far. Cheers to a fun, new, journey!

xoxo Kristin

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