Friday F Day Challenge

Reading the title, I bet you all think I am out of it. First, it isn’t Friday… and second, what in the world is “F Day?” All will be revealed shortly!!

One of my favorite YouTubers is ItsJudysTime. I learned how to apply makeup thanks to that amazing woman. After her makeup tutorials, I decided to check out her vlogs on ItsJudysLife. I fell in love with the family years ago and haven’t turned back since. I try to catch their vlogs daily, but lately I have only had an opportunity to check them out every so often. Today, I stumbled upon their blog from last Friday and learned about a challenge called “Friday F Day.”

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What is Friday F Day? It is a challenge for married couples. I know that David and I aren’t married just yet, but that does not mean we cannot participate. I mean, we will be married in less than two months, so what’s the big deal? There is no big deal, so we decided to go for it!

Friday F Day’s website describes the challenge as this, “Strong, healthy, committed marriages strengthen families, neighborhoods, communities, cities, states, nations and cultures. Your marriage counts! Protect it by going on weekly dates with your spouse that end in bed.” You may be wondering why David and I need to strengthen a marriage that hasn’t technically even started yet. We aren’t necessarily in need of strengthening, but adding strength to an already strong relationship is never a bad thing. Plus, with such busy schedules (especially leading up to the wedding), we believe it is a fantastic idea to make time for each other outside of the apartment.

Our dates can consist of almost anything. It can be a walk around the apartment complex, a shopping trip, or even a visit to the monuments in DC. The goal is to spend quality time together without allowing everyday stress to consumer our thoughts. What I love about this challenge is that the website will send you reminders of when your date is scheduled, talking points, and ideas to make the date perfect.

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Some weekends may be more elaborate than others, but that is totally okay. For example, this weekend, David and I will be taking a cooking class together. Exciting, right? (Shout out to K.Hobbs for the bday present. You rock!) Next weekend will probably be a hike or something that requires ZERO dollars spent. With the wedding so close, our budget is tighter than spandex on an elephant.

The important thing to remember in all of this is that there should be no excuses. Spending quality time with your significant other is imperative if you plan to make a relationship thrive and grow. We want to start our marriage off on the right foot. For us, that includes good communication, frequent quality time, and having a relationship with God. (Church dates should not count as your Friday F Day date, by the way lol!)

If you want to join the challenge with David and me… click here! Comment below and tell us your date ideas. I plan to blog about our weekly dates and inspire you all to cherish every moment you spend with the love of your life. Happy Wednesday!

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