Five Tips for DC Tourists

  1. Research before entering the city. Understand that this is a, relatively, conservative city. Arriving on Capitol Hill in short shorts and a tank top isn’t exactly appropriate. Know before you go. Simple as that.

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  2. Route your trip before getting on the metro. This may seem obvious, but I see tourists confused every single time they step foot in a metro station. Part of your research should include determining which metro stop your points of interests are located. Sticking with our Capitol Hill theme… if you are trying to get to the Hill, you have two options. To arrive on the Senate side, get off on Union Station (Red line). For the House side, get off on Capitol South (Blue/Orange line). The ride will be a lot more fun when you know your stations, line colors, and utilize the map in ADVANCE. Don’t even bother asking a local during rush hour. We will ignore you or walk away. Why? Because I don’t have time to answer your silly questions when the map is right behind you. (Sorry, not sorry.)

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  3. Let passengers OFF the metro before you try to get on. This is especially important during rush hour. The same rules apply when getting onto an elevator. Always let those who are on the train off first. Be aggressive when getting on if you have to. If not, you will get pushed around. Also, when on the escalator… stand on the right, walk on the left.

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  4. Do not stop abruptly for photos. Get off the side walk if you can. I don’t care if you take photos. I still do when I pass certain landmarks, particularly when the cherry blossoms have bloomed. We know you want a nice photo op. Just get out of my way when doing it, please.

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  5. DC is not cheap! I am sure you knew this, but it is best to keep a daily budget in mind. Avoid museum cafeterias, restaurants in hot spots, hotel bars, etc. Again, if you research good restaurants in the area, you can sort them by price and find a gem without spending an arm and a leg. But, hey… if you have the money to blow, go on with ya bad self.


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