Movie Review: Goosebumps

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As children, my brother and I loved to watch Goosebumps on Fox Kids Network (does that channel still exist, lol). It was such a fun way for some of our favorite books to be brought to life. One episode/book that was a personal favorite of mine was the Haunted Mask. I used to have nightmares from that book… for good reason, of course. I am STILL creeped out by R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books.

Last night, David and I were looking on Netflix for something to watch before bed. Usually we choose a television show that is easy to fall asleep to. I was adamant about watching a movie, though, so we chose Goosebumps. I am not talking about Goosebumps episodes from the 90s… I am referring to the new movie with Jack Black.

*Beware! Some spoilers are ahead… proceed with caution!*

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I assumed going in that this movie was probably for pre-teens/teenagers. I had very low expectations for this movie because I knew nothing could top the books or show. First, let me start off by explaining a little about the flick. The story follows a teenager, Zach (Dylan Minnette), who moves to a small town in Delaware after his father passes away. He attends a new high school where his mom (Amy Ryan), is the vice principal. While Zach begins unpacking his belongings, he is introduced to his neighbor, Hannah (Odeya Rush). Right of the bat, the two teens hit it off and show attraction for one another. This story line is relatively predictable, but adds a sweet element to the movie that I think we all crave from time to time. Who doesn’t enjoy a love story?

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The problem Zach faces in befriending Hannah is her father, R.L. Stine (Jack Black). Stine’s identity is unknown to those in town until Zach becomes suspicious of Stine’s behavior towards Hannah. Zach’s goal is to figure out if Hannah is safe after listening in on a dispute between her and Stine one evening. Unfortunately, Zach puts his nose where it doesn’t belong and quickly learns that Stine is no ordinary man. He is the author of famous thriller books for young people: Goosebumps.

Zach and his new friend from school, Champ (Ryan Lee), unlock one of Stine’s old manuscripts, setting free his imaginary monsters. The monsters wreck havoc on the Delaware town with the direction of Stine’s most dreadful monster, Slappy (voice of Jack Black). Together, Zach, Hannah, Stine, and Champ, must round up the monsters and get them back into the manuscripts before the town is destroyed.

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Like I stated above, I had little expectations for this movie. I never even saw a trailer or read a review on it. I went in with only seeing old Goosebumps episodes and reading the books as a kid. I was PLEASANTLY surprised, though! I can honestly say that this movie was pretty fantastic.

As a 24 year old female, movies for teens do not exactly peak my interest. I think the last movie that would be labeled as a “teen” movie that I watched, willingly, was Paper Towns. I only watched that movie because I loved the book. The movie was good, but the book was better. Duh… Anyway… My point is, I don’t seek out movies like this, ever. I chose this movie because I was curious how it compared to Goosebumps the show and books.

I consider who else would watch this movie aside from kids/teens. Parents obviously will watch this with their children. For the parents who read the books as kids… they have to be in heaven. The movie was funny, sentimental, exciting, and just fun. At no point did I roll my eyes and think, ugh… hurry up and get to the end please. Both David and I were glued to the screen the entire time.

Moments after the movie ended, I felt inclined to find at least one of my old Goosebumps books for old time’s sake. I found The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena and was ecstatic! I was overcome with nostalgia all night long. David and I decided to start watching the old Goosebumps episodes for fun, too. Tonight, we are watching The Haunted Mask and A Night in Terror Tower.


Overall, I was thrilled with the movie Goosebumps. I am certain kids and teens would enjoy the movie, almost as much as their parents would, too! I highly recommend checking it out. If it weren’t on Netflix, I would buy the movie to have for myself. When or if Netflix ever takes the movie off the list, I will definitely buy it to have for years to come.

Watch any good movies lately? Comment and tell me about it! If you want to read more movie reviews… give this post a like. I will try to incorporate more reviews on the blog.

Completely unwarranted life lesson from a married woman #6: Be open minded on movie night with your partner. You may find that a movie he/she picks is better than you anticipated.

A Woman with Intention

live intentionally

I have always had one consistent goal in life: to live with intention.

This seems obvious, right? Live intentionally? Really, Kristin? YES! I know it may be obvious to live intentionally, but think about this… how exactly are you “living” your life?

By definition (Merriam-Webster), intention is “the thing that you plan to do or achieve; an aim or purpose.”

When I say “live with intention,” I mean to live a purpose driven life. Anyone can wake up, go to work, come home, and repeat that process on a daily basis. If you have a passion or a talent, how are you leveraging that to live intentionally? What is your purpose when you wake up?

For example, I love to write. The way I write on my blog is not the same as how I write a paper for graduate school or how I write a draft for my novel. One way I live with intention is by leveraging my passion for writing in a multitude of ways. I write for myself. I write for my readers. I write for school. I write for friends. So on and so forth… you get my point. I give much of my time and focus to my passions on a DAILY basis.


Almost every second of the day I spend doing something that will help me achieve a goal. Begin each day, week, month, or even year with goals. Keep these goals in mind when your alarm goes off and your eyes open to begin the day. Utilize your phone’s memo application, a pad of paper, or even your hand to write down what your plans are for the day.

By creating a list or a set of goals, it allows you to hold yourself accountable and remain focused. It allows you to live each day with intention.

Intention can be interpreted differently depending on the person. If living intentionally for you means ensuring a household chore is completed each day so your weekend is free for whatever you want… then so be it. Complete smaller goals in order to achieve larger goals. Simple as that.

Completely unwarranted life lesson from a married woman #5: Each day is a gift.  Have a purpose. Have a plan. Live intentionally.

5 Tips for the Newly Married Woman


David and I are coming up on the one month mark rapidly. It feels like it has been years since we were married, but it really hasn’t even been thirty days! I suppose that is a good thing, right?

I have been taking notes in my phone of advice I want to share with my readers since the day after our wedding. I have about twenty tips I have made note of so far, however, five stand out to me at this point in time. The first few weeks of marriage are the most euphoric and exciting, meaning the advice is happy, genuine, and yet, constructive.

These five tips can be utilized at any point in a marriage (in my opinion), but coming from a newly married woman, it may serve as a reminder to the couple who have been married for a while or the engaged couple interested to see what marriage will be like from another couple’s perspective. No matter who you are, I hope you find these tips interesting, helpful, or at least fun to read!

Friday F Day
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  1. Schedule a “date” at least one day out of the week. Now, I have blogged about this in the past (not too long ago actually). David and I were slacking in this department prior to the big day. More recently, we have taken the time to actually sit down and go on a “date.” Back in March, David and I took the Friday F Day Challenge. Although we did not update our dates specifically on the website, we did take the time to go on our dates. I highly recommend making this a routine, especially now. If you get in the habit of making time for each other now, you will find it is easier to include it in your future schedules. If you need ideas or to be held accountable, I suggest checking out Friday F Day. This website is wonderful. Check out my previous blog about the website and get started making your date nights even more fun!
  2. Being together is wonderful, but having time to yourself is too! As a married couple, you do not necessarily have to be attached at the hip. Spending time together should be frequent and enjoyable, but it does not need to be every moment of every single day. Do not mistake your time apart while at work as personal time either. Allow yourself at least an hour (or more) a day to unwind and be with yourself. During my alone time, I like to blog, read articles, watch my favorite YouTube stars, and watch Netflix shows that I know David hates. David likes to play games on his phone or PS4, play with the dog, or ready articles online. Time to ourselves allows us to appreciate the time we spend together.

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  3. Try cooking dinner together. David and I love to cook dinner together. We do not do it every night, but we do it often. It is fun to work together and I find that we enjoy our meal more when we cook together. Don’t just count this as a date night to get it over with… unless you make it known that you are making it your Friday F Day! 😉
  4. Learn each other’s love language. This is another tip that I recommend for any couple, not just married ones. The thing about love is, we all love differently. For example, my primary love languages are acts of service and physical touch. That means I respond well to my partner doing things for me. I cannot stand laziness and broken commitments. For personal touch, nothing makes me happier than when David just puts his arm around me, holds my hand, or expresses any form of physical presence when together. Learn your partner’s love languages so you can keep each other happy!

    Love Languages
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  5. COMMUNICATE! I saved the best for last (duh). Communication is imperative and key to a solid relationship. This tip goes for ALL forms of relationships. Communicate with friends, co-workers, family, and your partner. Never assume a person knows what you mean, because that is when arguments happen! Communicate on a regular basis.

Do you have some tips to add to my list? These are the top five that have proven to be impactful in my relationship, but what about you and your partner? Let me know your thoughts!

Completely unwarranted life lesson from a married woman #4: Prioritize your relationship with your partner. Spending time together can be as simple as sharing a cup of coffee or more in depth like planning a weekend getaway. Plan that Friday F Day (or whatever day of the week you two prefer)! 

Date Night
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Unwarranted Life Lessons

If you have not yet noticed, my blog has changed a wee bit since my return from vacation/getting married. For the past year, I have experienced so many unique changes in my life and I wanted to accurately, as well as effectively, describe those experiences to my readers.

To do this, I began with small changes such as creating a podcast where I could chat with friends, family, and others about topics that I find interesting; I added a wedding series; and I even have changed the design of the blog several times. None of those additions and changes really seemed to fit my vision, though. Once I was officially married and had time to rid my mind of stress from work, school, and life… I felt that my mind was finally clear.

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So, what are the changes you may or may not have noticed. Well, as far as the look and feel of the blog go, I chose to stick with one header image at all times. I used to have personal images that would change, but I wanted to remain more consistent. Instead of several photos, you now will see one that highlights the new, improved, theme of Faithful Elephant: “Completely Unwarranted Life Lessons from a Married Woman.”

Why “Completely Unwarranted Life Lessons from a Married Woman” as a theme? 

Uh, why not? I mean, is anyone really an expert on life? We all can only offer lessons based entirely on our individual experiences. I am fortunate enough to have experienced a lot already for a 24 year old woman. My goal is to be the world’s most interesting woman by 40! 😉

In all honestly, folks,  I believe I have many fun, interesting, and worthy experiences to share with you all. I want the lessons I have learned the hard way, easy way, and every way in between to be of value to my readers. Most of the time (always) it will be completely unwarranted, and I am okay with that.

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I know my lessons will never be justified by a “professional,” however, if at least one person (me) experienced something, someone else is bound to again… right? Exactly. With that being said, I can almost guarantee that someone, somewhere, will find my lessons to be helpful at some point.

Kaleidoscopic Ramblings will still be involved! Yay! I always had intentions to use that podcast as a tool for readers to reference in life. My vision for the podcast was for listeners to say, “I heard on this podcast that…” I wouldn’t cite the podcast in a graduate school paper, but go ahead and tell your friends about it!

Faithful Elephant has become such a huge part of my life. Even when I take a break from blogging, I never stop brainstorming. I have memos galore in my phone of blog topics, drafts of blogs, and even podcast scripts. Many of those were written while on vacation! The point is, this blog is my baby. I always look for ways to improve it so my readers are never bored and feeling neglected. Ideally, I would have more features for you all, but financially, I cannot afford a fancy website at the moment. In the future, expect a more user-friendly experience. I promise!

thank you
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As always, thank you to my readers. I used to blog for myself and myself only. Once I noticed readers from all over, I found new reasons to blog. Each of you are my blogging fuel. I appreciate your support and I hope this blog, no matter what changes are made to it, fulfill your expectations.


Kristin Clymer (Baione)
Faithful Elephant

Completely unwarranted life lesson from a married woman #3: Use your time wisely. Example? When waiting at a doctor’s office, read a book or take notes on your phone.

Kaleidoscopic Ramblings – Episode 2

Happy Sunday! Today, David and I sat down to chat about some tips for those interested in having a destination wedding, as well as our thoughts on marriage so far. It may be early, but we wanted to update every so often with our experiences and thoughts on the topic.

In our discussion, we play a short round of the Newlywed Game, share what we believe we could improve upon in the future, and how the wedding being completed relieved a lot of our stress!

Check it out and let us know what you think. I will be recording another episode as soon as possible! 🙂

Today’s unwarranted life lesson from a married woman: Never leave the kitchen without asking your significant other if he/she wants something instead of coming back empty handed. 

Stay tuned for more from Kaleidoscopic Ramblings. Happy Listening!

Hawaii Footage

Below is some footage from our trip to Hawaii! We had an incredible time and cannot wait to visit the great state again. This is only some of the footage we took while on our trip. The remaining footage will be used for personal montages to be shared with just our family and friends.

Today’s “life lesson” from a married woman is to always make sure you consider the amount of time it will take to make a video… skipping lunch to complete the task is not good for your mood. Do not take your hangry attitude out on your loving significant other. Unless, of course, they deserve it. 😉

Songs played in the video:
Good Cry – J Boog
Shark in the Water – VV Btown
My Audio – J Boog

Touchdown – Garrett Douglas
No Other Love – Common Kings

Puppies and Babies?

I never thought I would be writing a post regarding babies so soon after marriage, but the question has been asked far too often this week. If you follow me on Pinterest (if not, check out my boards by clicking here), you probably have seen a lot of pins regarding babies. I totally can see why one would assume I was pregnant or even trying to become pregnant based off the pins… but, please let me assure you… WE ARE NOT PREGNANT! LOL!

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I am simply pinning for family and friends who are preggers. I love educating myself so I can help them if they are ever in need. I want to be the best auntie/cousin/friend to my future (or current) little nuggets. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing adorable baby clothes that can be purchased for someone you love?

We are so happy with being newlyweds and enjoying life together, just us two. In the marketing world, many would refer to us as DINKS (Dual income, no kids). We are proud dinks… for now. Aside from the current benefits of being newlyweds without children, my body is not ready for a baby. After all I have been through in the past year, I owe it to my body and mind to recover.

It is imperative that we take care of ourselves. Before I can take care of a sweet baby, I need to take care of myself. Now, if God were to bless us with a baby, we would never say no. Ideally, we would wait another year AT LEAST. We have family members with kids that we get to spoil and snuggle already. That should keep us occupied until we are ready for our own! 😉

Now, let’s talk puppies. David and I love dogs. If we lived in a home with a large backyard, we would probably breed dogs or something. Unfortunately, we live in a one bedroom apartment with NO room for more than one pup. Even Koa Bear struggles in this small space. Thankfully we are close to a dog park and open fields for playing.

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When we are no longer in an apartment, I am certain we will rescue another pup. Much like raising a baby, we need to be financially comfortable and 100% ready to take on the responsibility. Koa is a hyper, lovable, and incredibly adorable pup already. More than one Koa may be too much for us to handle this early. Side note: if you know of anyone selling pups… still ask us. There is a 97% chance we will change our minds once we see the little stinker! 😉

Assuming you are still reading… This post was a fun way to check in and give slight updates on some of our life plans. We love children and animals. So, when the time is right, I am sure you will read about our next adventure! 🙂

Wedding Stationary

I am back and officially a MARRIED woman! What an amazing feeling to be married.

David and I are currently working on a podcast to discuss the wedding and married life, so for now, I thought it was time to share our wedding stationary with you all!

For our wedding, stationary was low on the list of “must haves.” We really cared more about photography and food (go figure). I was going to create invitations on my own until I discovered Fiverr. I spoke about this in more detail on a previous post, which you can access by clicking here.

Since I already went into detail about why I chose the stationary I did… I think it is time to just show you what we chose. The first photo you see is our save the dates. Since we chose to get married in Hawaii, we wanted to stick with elements that screamed Hawaii. Our wedding colors were yellow and grey, so our save the dates focused on that.


Next is our wedding invitations and RSVP cards. Oh goodness do I love these wedding invites. They are so perfect and fit our personalities to the T!


Finally, we have our wedding programs. These wedding programs are everything I wanted them to be… AND MORE. If these programs do not say “David and Kristin,” I don’t know what will.


In total, we spent less than $200 on all of our stationary. I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that from looking at them, huh? 😉

Thanks for continuing to follow me on my destination wedding journey. Stay tuned for more tips, opinions, and photos from our big day! Aloha!

Going Off The Grid

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Ten days until David and I are off to Hawaii to be married… TEN DAYS! I can hardly believe that this time last year, I was told my trip to Australia was cancelled because of my surgeries. I am blessed to be alive and packing for a trip to Hawaii for a destination wedding with the love of my life.

I wanted to take this time to inform you all that while in Hawaii, I will be “going off the grid.” I may post a picture here and there, but for the majority of the time, I will be avoiding the internet. We would like to decompress, relax, and spend time with family and friends.

With that being said, I will not be blogging or super interactive on social media. We will not be gone for too long, though! I appreciate all of you following me and being patient with me during this busy, but wonderful, time in my life. Your likes, comments, and views do not go unnoticed, EVER! So, thank you!

I will be back in May for more blogging, podcasts, and fun! 🙂 Have a wonderful April and chat with you all soon!


KB (soon-to-be KC)